Amy Schumer Joins Oprah On Tour Where They Talk About Poo

Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus Tour landed in Charlotte, North Carolina on Saturday where Oprah welcomed Amy Schumer on stage as her special guest.

Before they hit the stage, the mogul greeted Schumer backstage where she revealed she was “feeling so much better except she hadn’t pooped since Monday.”

Oprah thought this was “TMI” but the comedian stuck to her word and told the 15,000 people that came out to see them.

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“She told an arena about it & apparently people love to talk about,” Oprah added.

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Once backstage, Oprah got a message from Schumer who confirmed: “she just pooped on the plane.”

“Hey, everybody,” Oprah yelled to the people standing around her. “Amy just pooped on the plane.”

The news was greeted with cheers.

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