Lil Nas X is getting ready to join Sam Elliott at “The Cool Ranch” in the upcoming Doritos Super Bowl commercial.

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In a new 30-second teaser, the “Old Town Road” hitmaker saddles up and heads to “The Cool Ranch”, which is inspired by the famous Doritos flavour of the same name.

However, he leaves the cowboys of the Wild West shook by a “bassquake”, thanks to the speaker on his saddle that’s blasting his chart-topping track.

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On January 18, Doritos started teasing its commercial with the first spot, which featured Sam Elliott as a cowboy.

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The clip starts off with Elliott entering a dusty saloon, which causes everyone to stop in their tracks. The actor then walks across to the bar with his hat pulled over his eyes.

In his low voice, he recites the lyrics of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”, “I got the horses in the back/ Horse tack is attached/ Hat is matte black/ Got the boots that’s black to match.”

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Stay-tuned for the full Doritos Super Bowl LIV advertisement on February 2, 2020.