Kristen Bell Plans To See ‘Cats’ — Once With Her Kids And A Second Time While High

Kristen Bell says she is a huge “Cats” fan but has yet to see the December-released film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical.

However, the “Frozen” actress intends to watch it in theatres — twice under two very different circumstances.

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“I didn’t see it yet. But I’m planning on seeing it twice: one with my kids, ’cause they really wanna see it, and one with my ‘adult friends’,” Bell said, while mimicking smoking a joint during a panel discussion with Television Critics Association for her upcoming animated Apple TV+ series “Central Park”.

Josh Gad, the executive producer and voice actor of one of the animated series’ characters, jumped in to ask Bell if he can be included in her “adult” watch party of the Tom Hooper film to which she responded, “100 per cent.”

“I have everything set up, we just have to buy the tickets. And those obviously have to be separate viewing experiences,” she said as she laughed. “But I plan on doing it twice, for sure.”

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During the panel for the new Apple TV+ series, Bell revealed that her admiration for musicals started when she was a little girl and that “Cats” was the first to truly spark her passion for the genre.

“I remember, once I saw ‘Cats’, I was singing it. And also, as a kid, the movement of that show on stage is really cool, and so I was walking around like a cat,” said Bell. “And I remember I wanted to get the book and read it, OK? But it was in really small print so my mom struggled to find it in bigger print ’cause my eyes weren’t great.”

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“Central Park” is set to launch this summer. The voice cast also includes Leslie Odom, Jr., Tituss Burgess, Kathryn Hahn, Stanley Tucci, and Daveed Diggs. The show is executive-produced and written by Loren Bouchard, along with Gad and Nora Smith.

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