Jennifer Aniston is officially Team “Uncut Gems”.

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During her acceptance speech for Best Actress in a Drama Series at the 2020 SAG Awards on Sunday night, the “Morning Show” actress gave a special shout-out at the end of her remarks to her friend Adam Sandler.

“Adam Sandler, your performance was extraordinary and your magic was real! I love you, buddy,” she said.

Aniston’s shout-out came after Sandler’s acclaimed performance in “Uncut Gems” was snubbed throughout awards season, by the SAG Awards and the Oscars.

On Twitter, fans were over the moon with Aniston’s gesture.

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Meanwhile, backstage at the SAG Awards, ET Canada‘s Rachel West spotted Aniston’s ex Brad Pitt watching with admiration as she gave her acceptance speech.

After her speech, ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey caught up with Aniston and asked her about Pitt watching her win.

“You had a lot of people emotional, Brad Pitt was watching that monitor crying,” Hickey said.

“Nooooo,” Aniston said, sounding shocked.

“What does it feel to have his support and all your friends support?” Hickey continued.

“God it means everything, we all grow up together, this whole room that’s why their performances just moved me and excite me and allowed me to be here,” Aniston said. “It’s fantastic we are part of a community together, now we get to go back to work. We are up at 4 a.m. and there for 16 hours and rinse and repeat, it’s a lot of work. It’s nice to have a night where you get to dressed up and celebrate each other.”