Queen made history in music, and now they’re being memorialized in currency.

On Monday, the U.K.’s Royal Mint announced a new set of commemorative coins in honour of the “We Are the Champions” band.

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The coins—emblazoned with the Queen logo and images of drums, electric guitars and a piano with the opening keys of “Bohemian Rhapsody” pressed down—are the first British coins to feature a musical band.

In a photo posted by The Royal Mint, Queen guitarist Brian May poses with one of the coins.

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“This is a big ‘Who could have imagined it?’ moment for us,” May said in a statement to Billboard. “When we began as Queen, even the first rung of the ladder to recognition seemed remote and unreachable. To have our band recognized and our music celebrated in this way is very touching – a real honour.”

The Queen coins are the first in The Royal Mint’s Music Legends Collection, with more British rock stars to come.