Mark Wahlberg Debuts ‘Spenser Confidential’ Trailer On ‘Ellen’

Mark Wahlberg is blowing things wide open in his latest movie.

On Monday, the 48-year-old actor is on the new “Ellen DeGeneres Show”, and debuted the first trailer for his Netflix movie “Spenser Confidential”.

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In the new film, Wahlberg stars as Spenser, a man recently released from jail, on the run from corrupt cops and working fast to unravel a murderous conspiracy.

Also on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Wahlberg talked about his family’s pet Pomeranian Champ.

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He revealed that when he first brought the dog home, he told his kids that he had a huge surprise for them, explaining that he had “someone important coming.”

The ruse went so far that his wife believed he had Kim Kardashian and Kanye West coming over for dinner.

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