As fans await for season four of “The Crown” to be released on Netflix, a rare picture of actress Emma Corrin in her role as the late Princess Diana has been released.

Corrin, a relatively unknown actress with only a handful of acting jobs on her resume, will no doubt rocket to stardom as the “People’s Princess.”

New pictures from when the show was filmed during a night shoot at the Savoy, recreating the Barnado’s Champion Children Awards, Corrin appears as the spitting of Diana in a floral gown.

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The actress perfected Diana’s wave and smile as she exited a car and entered the hotel.

Late last year, she was also spotted on the Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey while they recreated Prince Charles and Diana’s tour to Australia. It was also the first glimpse at a baby Prince William.

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Season four is expected depict 1977 to 1990, in which Diana and Charles meet, get married and have their two sons Prince William and Prince Harry.

“The Crown” will return to Netflix later this year.