Gal Gadot set the gold standard for female superheroes in Hollywood, but Jennifer Aniston once had aspirations of dawning the Bracelets of Submission herself.

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Aniston spoke with reporters following her best actress win at the SAG Awards on Sunday. “The Morning Show” star revealed she wanted to play Wonder Woman, but ultimately missed out on the opportunity.

“I wanted to be Wonder Woman, but I waited too long,” she said, according to People.

“I don’t know. I have a lot to do. I really, honestly, feel that I’m just kicking into a creative stride,” she said of her re-ignited passion for entertainment. “I’ve just discovered a new love of this in a new way that I didn’t know that I had before, so I almost have new eyes that I’m seeing what it is that I do as an actor.”

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Moving forward, the “Friends” alum wants to get people laughing: “I want to do more comedies… I want to have some laughter.”