Larry David Doesn’t Understand The Enduring Popularity of ‘Seinfeld’: ‘I Don’t Get It’

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” returned with its 10th season on Sunday, bringing the uniquely cranky comedy of Larry David back to eager fans who’ve been waiting far too long.

In conjunction with the new season, David, 72, spoke to GQ, in which he touches on such topics as why he doesn’t need to be the subject of a deep-dive interview to dig beneath the surface (“Believe me,” he says, “there’s nothing there”) to the enduring appeal of “Seinfeld”, which went off the air 22 years ago.

Discussing the recent deal in which Netflix paid $500 million for the streaming rights to the show — which he co-created with star Jerry Seinfeld way back in 1989 — David admits he’s not sure why people still want to watch.

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“I want someone to explain it to me,” he tells GQ. “I really don’t get it, other than — and it’s not very profound — it’s funny. And when something’s funny, people like it.”

Meanwhile, he also admits he’s not all that sure that people are getting “Curb” the same way he is.

“When I was told that there were moments in the show that made people cringe, I was shocked. It never occurred to me,” he says. “I just thought people were going to enjoy it. I’ll tell you this: If something made me cringe, I don’t think I’d put it in the show.”

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TV Larry, he explains, is “expressing himself… When you think of the way we conduct ourselves in life, how much bulls**t we have to endure, how much bulls**t we have to listen to and how much bulls**t comes out of us just to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. All these rules we set up for ourselves.… I don’t think I’m a bad guy. I’m honest. I’m not mean. I’m never cruel. Come up with one example where I’ve done something bad. I don’t think you’ll find it.”

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