Mark Critch’s ‘Ode To The Newfoundland Blizzard’ Has Viewers Feeling Proud To Be Canadian

Newfoundlander and “22 Minutes” star Mark Critch is putting a positive spin on last week’s huge blizzard.

The Canadian comedian shared his “Ode To The Newfoundland Blizzard” on Monday night’s “The National” on CBC and it got all Canadians feeling proud.

“I was in Halifax when the big storm hit. I immediately made for the airport to try and make it home,” he told the camera. “Newfoundland and Labrador is the only place on Earth where a disaster could strike and you’d find yourself wishing you could be there for. I FaceTimed in as my friends and family gathered together in one house so they would wait out the storm together. I didn’t want to miss what was coming.”

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And despite the record-breaking snow, as Critch pointed out, Newfoundlanders weren’t fazed.

“Not the unmatched fury of the storm, but the equally and insuppressible resilience of the people. We’re used to being storm-bound together. It’s why we’re such good talked and singers,” he continued. “Newfoundland was settled by people who had to depend on each other to survive. Your rope was your neighbour’s rope. Her bread was your bread. You still see that in a crisis.”

Critch then spoke of the heartwarming moments that happened through the huge storm, “Our first responders worked until they nearly fainted but there are eager arms to catch them as they fell. When one nurse came home after a 40-hour shift to a house encased in snow, the whole street came out to clear the way.”

More than 76 centimetres of snow was recorded in St. John’s, which shattered the previous one-day record from 1999. Other parts of St. John’s received more than 80 cm of snowfall.

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Critch’s two-minute spot about the blizzard was met with a lot of love:

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