Awkwafina Responds To Jimmy Kimmel’s Ridiculous Questions With Even More Ridiculous Answers

You can’t out-ridiculous Awkwafina.

Jimmy Kimmel learned that on Monday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in a segment called “3 Ridiculous Questions”.

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The premise was extremely simple: Kimmel asked the “Farewell” star three very ridiculous questions, and she gave her own ridiculous responses.

“If you could only have one of them on a deserted island: antelope or cantaloupe?” Kimmel asked, to start with.

“Definitely antelope,” Awkwafina responded. “As a companion, you know, a friend. Transport.”

Next, Kimmel asked, “You think you can ride the antelope?”

“Yeah, and I hate to say it, but you know…” she answered, trailing off while cringing.

“Meat source,” Kimmel said, finishing her sentence.

Awkwafina added, “Yeah, sure. And a lot of it. Clothes. Someone will probably redact this one.”

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Later, Kimmel asked, “What in your life do you sniff the most?”

“My cat’s head,” the actress answered to his surprise.

Kimmel added, “”You’re monitoring the cat, or you just like the way the cat’s head smells?”

“Well, sometimes it’ll smell like a foreign mouth,” Awkwafina replied, “and I wonder who else has been doing this to my cat.”

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