Jerry O’Connell and wife Rebecca Romijn have confessed to being superfans of Slice‘s “Real Housewife” shows, and during a recent appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” he revealed that obsession even extends to the bedroom.

Chatting with host Andy Cohen, O’Connell, 45, said that he and his wife have done some sexy roleplaying as a certain “Real Housewives” couple. While O’Connell didn’t identify that couple, fans of the franchise should be able to identify the pair pretty easily.

“I don’t want to name any names. I don’t want to put anybody on blast,” O’Connell said while answering a question from a caller.

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“But let’s just say I like to play a husband who’s maybe been deported and comes back — maybe just for a quick… visit. You know, what I’m talking about, Tre? We only got a couple of minutes before ICE is in here. Come on, let’s do this. That’s what I like to do,” he added.

As viewers will no doubt recall, “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice’s husband Joe was recently deported to Italy.

Meanwhile, O’Connell also revealed that in addition to the “Real Housewives”, they’re also fans of “Below Deck Mediterranean” — with Romijn particularly enamoured of the show’s João Franco.

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“She’s mostly a João guy,” O’Connell admitted. “She really talks a lot about him. She was very excited when at the end of last season he got promoted to captain. She was like, ‘He’s really moving up in the world.'”