Martha Stewart Plows Her Own Farm Roads: ‘I Think I Did A Great Job!’

Martha Stewart sure knows how to tend to her farm.

Stewart, 78, really enjoys snowfall but her farm may disagree. That is why the television personality had to hop into her snowplow and get to plowing!

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“After a beautiful but cold snowstorm, my farm was covered with four to six inches of moderately heavy snow,” Stewart wrote Sunday on Instagram. “[I] got up early to plow the four miles of toads on the farm with my trusted vehicle fitted with adjustable snowplow.”

“I plowed non stop for two-and-a-half hours and I think I did a great job!” she continued. “I don’t like to damage the defined crown of my carriage roads, nor do I like to disturb the gravel topping so I plow leaving an inch or two of snow cover.”

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She concluded by giving a shout-out to her roadman: “Looks prettier and I can use the roads for horseback riding as well as cross country skiing. My roadman Bruce Corbett would be proud!”

Take a look at the photos and you will see her unmistakable farmhouse.

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