David Dobrik made his late-night debut on Tuesday, and had the perfect story to share.

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The YouTube appeared on “The Tonight Show” and talked about the time Justin Bieber straight up tickled him at a club.

“I saw him at the club and one of his friends was like, ‘You’re gonna meet Justin,'” Dobrik told host Jimmy Fallon. “And I just remember, just like…everyone knows Justin Bieber, right? Like, everyone grew up—or at least, I grew up listening to his music. I know all about him I was so nervous.”

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Things quickly went in an odd direction, though, as Dobrik recalled.

“And he’s walking over to me and I say, ‘Hi, I’m David.’ And he’s like, ‘Hi, I’m Justin,'” he said, getting up to demonstrate the moment on Fallon. “And then he walks by me…and he goes, ‘Tickle, Tickle…’ And I said, ‘Okay, cool…’ It felt so good after he tickled me. It was the best icebreaker when he tickled me.”