There’s no beef between Henry Winkler and Tom Hanks.

TMZ caught up with Winkler in Los Angeles this week and asked if the rumoured feud between the two actors was real.

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“I don’t have a feud with Tom Hanks,” Winkler responded.

The longtime rumours stretch back to Winkler being fired as director on the 1989 Tom Hanks hit “Turner & Hooch”, and during an appearance last fall on “Watch What Happens Live”, the actor played coy when asked about it directly.

Asked about his fuelling the rumours on “WWHL”, Winkler said, “Yeah, but you know what? That was just fun. I have no feud.”

Winkler added, “I just saw him at our SAG Awards. It was beautiful.”

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Asked if they would take a picture together to prove the feud wasn’t real, Winkler said they actually had recently taken a photo together.

“We’ve done that,” he said. “I believe we did that at Bruno Mars’ concert.”

Winkler also brought up another long-rumoured celebrity feud.

“There used to be a tremendous feud between John Travolta and me. And there was no feud. It’s created, and it’s wonderful. I acted with Tom, I acted with his wife. It’s a lovely thing,” he said.