Colin Farrell dropped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to chat about everything from his recent unfortunate hair-dye experiment and prepping to play Batman villain “The Penguin” to that time he let his young son watch the horror movie “It”.

“What is wrong with you?” DeGeneres asks after finding out the latter.

“That was a parental dropping of the ball of epic proportions,” he says, explaining they watched half of the movie at home before the father of two “could discern an emanating discomfort” from his eight-year-old son as they watched it “before bed” one night. But, he reveals they watched the second half of the movie the following day and “he was fine.”

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While his sons may want to watch scary clowns, they really don’t want to watch their dad on screen.

“I wish I had a choice — they don’t want to,” he jokes. His kids may be a bit more enthusiastic about his turn as the villainous Oswald Cobblepot, a.k.a. The Penguin, in “The Batman” opposite Robert Pattinson. The actor reveals production begins in two weeks.

“They’re sick of me being a bad guy,” Farrell laments, “which apparently reading between the lines leads me to believe they think I’m okay.”

As with any of Farrell’s visits to the show, there were plenty of laughs, including his breakdown of what exactly went wrong with his recent hair-dyeing experiment.

Explaining that he wanted to change things up following his recent project, he “went to Rite Aid” and bought a box of hair dye…and then a few more boxes when the colour went awry.

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“Spent about $80 on L’Oreal’s finest. It went t**s up. It went bad,” he says of his “foxy silver grey” look. “That was colour five. It went purple. And then it went piss yellow. And then it went whatever the hell that is — foxy silver grey. And then I had somebody come by the house and fix it.”

The star reveals the hair experiment came after he recently wrapped production on the BBC miniseries about an Arctic whaling expedition called “The North Water”, filmed in Svalbard, Greenland. Detailing his experience filming in Greenland in the icy waters with walruses, the “In Bruges” star laughs as the talk show host shares a funny video of Farrell’s polar dip “with an extra few” pounds.

“Why did you do that?!” DeGeneres exclaims while Farrell responds with a laugh, “Why did I agree to let you show that?!”

“It was fun. It was a challenge,” he explains, trying to convince DeGeneres and wife Portia De Rossi to visit Greenland.

Farrell plays a “foul-mouthed Irishman” in his latest film, “The Gentlemen”, which opens in theatres on January 24.