Gillian Anderson is having a blast working on “Sex Education”, but she had no interest in the Netflix series upon first reading the script.

Anderson told Entertainment Weekly the character of Jean Milburn had too many conflicting values to be taken seriously. “The X-Files” alum actually tossed the “Sex Education” script in the garbage.

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“I read a teeny bit of the first episode and threw it in the bin,” she shared. “Initially I felt that it was too on the nose.”

That statement is something she mirrored in a separate interview with Elle.

“The fact that she’s a professional therapist and yet she’s rummaging through her son’s drawers and prying into his life,” was a point of concern for Anderson, she revealed. “I kept saying, ‘Is this too over the top? Is it just too unlikely that somebody could have such a different value system, and such a different moral framework, depending on the situation she’s facing?'”

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Her partner, “The Crown” creator Peter Morgan, told her she was crazy not to do the show.