Lil Nas X Admits To Feeling ‘Pressure To Be A Role Model’ After Coming Out: ‘I Hope My Actions Are Enough To Inspire’

Lil Nas X wants to make his community proud, even when that comes with a lot of “pressure.”

The breakout rapper, 20, behind the hit track “Old Town Road”, is Variety magazine’s annual Grammys issue cover star where he chatted about coming out, his crazy year and taking a step back.

Nas is nominated for six Grammys this year, including top honours in the Best New Artist and Album of the Year category.

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“It could have gone either way,” he said on deciding to go public with his sexuality. “I hope my actions are enough to inspire other young LGBTQ children coming up to not be afraid to be themselves, but I feel pressure to be a role model for the community.”

That decision impacted his relationship with Nas’ father, in a positive way, “We have become closer. I mean, especially now because I don’t have anything to hide. It was a shock for him. It’s still the beginning phase. I’m not comfortable bringing a guy around yet.”

But that “pressure” affects the performer on stage too, “When the crowd sits? l felt like I was butt-naked on stage. It crushed me. I would start to overthink it all and I’d get overwhelmed. Like, what song should I put out next? Or should I put out multiple songs? Or how do I prove this person wrong?”

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So, to combat that anxiety, Nas took a step back, “I wanted to do more performances last year, but it didn’t go as planned and I didn’t have confidence.”

And Nas has big plans for the future, “I hope to have an album done by the middle of this year, mostly because I want to go on tour. This generation supports the artists themselves more than the music, and I want to meet my fans. I want to put together an actual show and not just do karaoke on stage.”

Adding, “I want to rule the world, baby. There is a difference between wanting to be a star or a superstar. And I want the superstardom.”

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