Kathy Griffin trusted Lily Tomlin to keep a huge secret – her surprise wedding.

Tomlin joined her “Grace And Frankie” co-star Jane Fonda on Tuesday night’s “The Late Late Show With James Cordon”, where she discussed the honour of officiating Griffin’s secret New Year’s Eve wedding to Randy Bick.

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“Well, Kathy called me and asked me if I could officiate,” Tomlin explained. “She and Randy have been together for about eight or nine years so I wanted to help her.”

She added, “She said it would have to be on the QT, they didn’t want anybody to know.”

The 59-year-old comedian took to Twitter on NYE share a brief video in which she revealed some big news — that she and longtime boyfriend Bick are married.

“Happy New Year! And, surprise! We’re getting married! Tonight! After midnight!” declared the couple in the clip. They also appeared to be decked out in formal wear that might possibly have been their wedding attire.

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The new season of “Grace And Frankie” is streaming now on Netflix.