Fiona Apple Throws Shade At Justin Bieber For ‘Gaming The System’ To Get To #1 On The Charts

Fiona Apple does not do a lot of press, but the “Criminal” singer recently gave a rare interview with Vulture about the impending arrival of long-awaited new album, her first since 2012’s The Idler Wheel.

During the discussion, Apple, 42, was asked about what kind of plans she has to promote the new album.

“Yeah, I’m not gonna go out there and try to do a crazy amount of promo,” she admitted, deciding to throw some shade at Justin Bieber to illustrate her point.

“The climate of art and the music industry is so ridiculous. I feel terrible that anybody would want to be number one as badly as Justin Bieber wants to be number one,” she continued.

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“He was upfront about gaming the system, and I think a lot of people do that, and I just want to be like, ‘Why? Why is it so important?’ And I’m not gonna be, like, getting influencers to promote my s**t. That’s not gonna happen,” added Apple.

“So I feel like I’m stepping back into a business where, like — I’m not in this business. I don’t have the tools to play this game, and I don’t want to buy the tools to play this game, either. That’s what it feels like it’s become: a game. A video game, basically. Checking their scores.”

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