2-Year-Old Kid Genius Wows Ellen DeGeneres With His Flag Knowledge

It’s amazing what kids know these days.

On Thursday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, the host welcomes a very special guest: two-year-old Harry, as well as his parents Shellie and Steve.

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Harry, as it turns out, is the youngest “kid expert” DeGeneres has ever had on the show, and his specialty is identifying country flags.

DeGeneres put Harry’s knowledge to the test by showing him a series of flags, as well as the outlines of countries, and he identified all of them without hesitation.

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And it’s not just countries. The young boy also knows his company logos through and through, as he demonstrated by identifying the Ferrari, Warner Bros. and Disneyland logos.

DeGeneres then surprised Harry and his parents with a trip to Disneyland to top everything off.

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