JWoww Slams Mom-Shamers After Being Criticized Over Clip In Which Her Son Playfully Hits His Sister

Jenni “JWoww” Farley was quick to hit back at one mom-shamer after they criticized her over a recent video showing her son lightly punching his sister.

Farley’s son Greyson, 3, was trying to wake his sleeping “sissy” Meilani, 5, in the adorable clip.

However, some slammed the “Jersey Shore” star for allowing the little one to be rough with his sibling.

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Not one to take criticism lying down, Farley insisted in a grab shared by InTouch: “I am encouraging my son to help wake his sister for school. He gets joy out of helping me and helping his sister. He also is learning what he can and can’t do. One being hitting.

“I can reassure you, almost every parent will deal with this issue because it’s called life. I posted it because it’s a brother learning boundaries with his sister but also excited to wake her for school. You, on the other hand, want to encourage problems when there are none.”

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JWoww added, “You want to spew negativity and just talk s**t because why? R u bored? Ur thrive not selling? Husband cheating? You go, girl! Teach those parents on the internet how to parent so u can feel good about yourself.”

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