What Is Love?: Ex-‘Jeopardy!’ Foes Invite Alex Trebek To Their Wedding

In the case of these two Jeopardy! contestants, they were both winners.

Emily Therese Cloyd and Stacy Cloyd first met during an audition for Alex Trebek‘s famous trivia show in 2009.

Now, they’re married, and have a decade-long love story for the books that Emily has shared on Twitter for the world to witness.

Eight months after their first meeting, they were both called back for an episode taping in Los Angeles.

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Even though Stacy won, there was no bad blood — they arranged a viewing party for the episode, since they both lived in Washington, D.C.

From that moment on, the rest was history. Two years later, they were engaged and even extended an invite to their very own Cupid, Trebek, who is now battling pancreatic cancer.

While attending a special taping of Celebrity Jeopardy!, the couple sat in the section for former contestants and handed the invite to the show’s lead contestant co-ordinator, Maggie Speak, who they also invited, Insider reports.

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Though Trebek couldn’t make it, Emily wrote on Twitter that he did mail back his RSVP with the message: “All the best and thank you!”

“We weren’t expecting him to attend, so we weren’t surprised that his answer was no,” Emily wrote. “But we really appreciated the short note wishing us the best for our marriage.”

Emily Therese Cloyd/Twitter

The Cloyds said “I do” in January.

In a sweet postscript message to the Twitter story, Emily added that she and Stacy hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc in 2018. The only other hiker on the path met Trebek and his wife, Jean Currivan Trebek, on a cruise.

“Thank you Alex,” she tweeted to finish off the sweet story. “Stacy Cloyd and I can honestly say that you changed both of our lives.”

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“It is a really fun story to share, and other people seem to really like it, too,” Emily told Insider. “We’ve definitely had friends who tell our story to other people, even when we aren’t around.”

Emily and Stacy still watch Jeopardy! together.

“Stacy won on the show,” Emily told the publication. “But I think that I won in life.”


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