Kyle Dunnigan Is Living With Ex-Girlfriend Amy Schumer & And Her Husband Chris Fischer

Talk about a modern family.

Kyle Dunnigan is staying with his ex-girlfriend Amy Schumer — and her husband, Chris Fischer — for more than two months. At this rate, he doesn’t seem particularly interested in moving out. Dunnigan dropped by “The Howard Stern Show” to reveal how the unique living arrangement has been thus far.

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“I’ve been there for a month and a half,” Dunnigan said, revealing he first moved into her New York apartment to work on her Hulu show. “She’s been very cool.”

“All the food is really good and free,” he continued. “I’m supposed to leave in three weeks, but I don’t think I’m gonna.”

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It turns out he and Fischer also get along swimmingly. The two play chess together and often “bro out.”

Dunnigan and Schumer had a “brief” relationship. He won an Emmy in 2015 for the song “Girl You Don’t Need Makeup” for “Inside Amy Schumer”.

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