The Mars Volta singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala is making some serious allegations, claiming there’s a link between the Church of Scientology and the recent death of his dog.

Bixler-Zavala’s wife, Chrissie Carnell Bixler, publicly accused former boyfriend Danny Masterson of rape, and last year was one of four women who filed a lawsuit claiming they’ve been stalked and harassed by members of the Church of Scientology after they all made similar allegations against Masterson.

Bixler-Zavala and his wife both took to Instagram on Tuesday to reveal that they had to euthanize their dog, Biscuit, after it ingested rat poison that had been hidden in balls of raw meat that had been left in their yard.

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“I’m at the vet dealing with another hurt animal,” Bixler-Zavala wrote on Instagram along with a photo of the alleged poison. “This is what I’ve been finding in my front and backyard. This is what scientology does when you speak about the predators they protect … This is the 2nd dog we’ve had to put down due to the harassment from private investigators and Scientologists. This only makes us stronger. “

In a follow-up post, he wrote: “Danny Masterson is a violent serial rapist. He and his church will do anything to cover up his crimes.” He continued in a lengthy and defiant statement, declaring, “I will not shut my mouth about this s**t.”

In 2017, Netflix fired Masterson from its sitcom “The Ranch” after the LAPD confirmed that officers were investigating sexual assault allegations made against him by “multiple women” (Masterson has denied all the allegations, and claimed all sexual encounters were consensual). Masterson was subsequently dropped by his talent agency, UTA.

Chrissie Carnell Bixler left the Church of Scientology in 2016, at which point she filed a sexual assault report with the LAPD, accusing Masterson. It was then, according to her lawsuit, that “her car was broken into, people parked in vans outside her home and filmed her family and her security system was hacked multiple times.”

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At the time of the lawsuit Masterson responded with a statement. “This is beyond ridiculous,” his statement said. “I’m not going to fight my ex-girlfriend in the media like she’s been baiting me to do for more than two years. I will beat her in court — and look forward to it because the public will finally be able to learn the truth and see how I’ve been railroaded by this woman. And once her lawsuit is thrown out, I intend to sue her, and the others who jumped on the bandwagon, for the damage they caused me and my family.”

The Church of Scientology is denying Bixler-Zavala’s allegations, and issued the following statement to ET Canada: “These claims are completely false and insane. The Bixlers have fabricated the most outrageous lies and are now using Instagram as a channel for their latest hallucinatory publicity stunt.”

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