Eric McCormack dropped by “Late Night with Seth Meyers” on Thursday to talk about his experience returning to “Will & Grace” and the imminent end of the rebooted sitcom.

With the show concluding for a second time (“Will & Grace” initially aired 1998-2006; it was revived in 2017), McCormack was asked if there were any props that he took from the set as keepsakes.

“I took something that I loved for eight years, and I didn’t tell anyone ’cause I thought they’ll get mad,” said the Toronto-born actor.

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As McCormack explained, during the 10-year absence between the original finale and the revival, the show’s set was on display at Emerson College in Boston. “It was in the library there,” he said. “So I thought, I can’t let them know I’m stealing. But I took the ceramic dog that was sitting by the couch in the TV room.

“And years later, somebody said, ‘Did you ever take anything?’ I said, ‘The ceramic dog.’ And they were like, ‘The what?’ And I said — everybody, I told the cast. No one remembers the ceramic dog. The set decorators went, ‘What ceramic…? And I thought, Oh, this is hardly memorabilia.

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However, McCormack admitted that wasn’t the only thing he took.

“The one thing I did steal, though, later on, there was a box that sat on Will’s coffee table for years and years, and it was there from the beginning,” he revealed.

“And the very first interview we ever did on set was with Donny and Marie Osmond,” he added. “And before they rolled camera on that, Donny was looking through his questions on these blue cards, and he shoved them into that box. And when we came back for the reboot 20 years later, I lift up this box and say, ‘Okay, somebody owes me a hundred bucks if those questions are in there. And sure enough, Donny Osmond’s 20-year-old questions… So I stole that. That’s in my house.”

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