Jimmy Kimmel Gets Up Close And Personal With Dangerous Critters

This one isn’t for the faint of heart.

Jimmy Kimmel squares off against all kinds of animals cuddly and dangerous with guest Dave Salmoni.

The South African animal trainer walked out onto the set with an adorable, little grey fox. The interview started off with the cute little guy crawling into Kimmel’s hands in a picture-perfect moment. Salmoni explained that grey foxes are unique to their red-fox cousins. Kimmel listened cautiously as he tried not to get in the way of the semi-retractable claws they use to climb.

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“These are not good pets,” Salmoni explained, “because they bite.”

A baffled Kimmel responds, “Don’t tell me they bite after I hold them!” to audience laughs.

A wide-eyed wallaby also joined the parade of animals. Despite its cute appearance, Kimmel asked again, “Are they dangerous?”

“They can be dangerous,” Salmoni responded. “If you see those big toes in front, that’s his big defence. They’re very, very sharp and very, very strong.” That answer probably wasn’t what Kimmel wanted to hear.

As the wallaby chewed on a branch, the two reminded the audience to donate to the charities fighting the Australian bushfires.

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The final guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” left Kimmel feeling rattled.

The western rattlesnake Salmon brought out wasn’t a fan of the audience. It kept rattling its tail in warning as the show went on.

“It’s mad. It’s real mad right now,” Jimmy said in concern at the noise.

But Salmoni explained this was a misunderstanding.

“That rattle that you see there is him being a pacifist. The rattle’s here to say, ‘You probably don’t see me, but please listen to me. I’m here, don’t touch me.’”

The rattlesnake seemed to be as much as Kimmel could take. He ended the interview after seeing its bite, saying, “That’s great, Dave. Go home.”

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