Jon Voight is one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters.

In the middle of the impeachment trial, the “Anaconda” actor posted a video asking for the “highest prayers” to “save the truth that has been taken down by these cruel individuals of the left.”

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“Let us stand among the greatest statues that stand on the White House grounds where truths were spoken long ago by our forefathers. Let us remember what this house stands for, this White House. It stands for trust, it stands for moral obligation, it stands for the safety of the United States,” Voight said in his message.

“The truth, my friends, the truth that holds the greatest scripture that is the Declaration of Independence,” Voight continued. “We as a nation have gained this back with President Trump and what does the left want to do? To knock down a nation of God’s glory. This is a disgrace to mankind and a disgrace to the people of the United States of America.”

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Voight has posted videos in the past to support the president, including one in 2019 where he called Trump “the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.”