Trevor Noah Weighs In On Justin Trudeau Artisan Donut Controversy: ‘Really Canada? That’s Your Scandal?’

While Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial grinds on south of the border, Canada’s leader is embroiled in his own scandal.

It all began when PM Justin Trudeau picked up a few boxes of pricey artisan donuts in Winnipeg to serve at an upcoming Cabinet meeting.

After Trudeau shared a photo of himself with the boxes of donuts, he was immediately met with backlash by those who felt he should have picked up some less-expensive Tim Hortons donuts instead.

Trevor Noah took note of Canada’s latest controversy, and weighed in during Thursday’s edition of “The Daily Show”.

“Really, Canada? That’s your scandal? Your prime minister brought the wrong doughnuts? If this s**t pisses you off, you guys wouldn’t last a day with Donald Trump. Donuts?” he joked.

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“Let me tell you something now, if Trump had a donut scandal, he’d make it a real scandal,” Noah added. “He’d be like, ‘Yes, I had sex with that donut.’”

Noah also joked about how this new scandal could reignite Trudeau’s earlier blackface scandal.

“He could start eating a chocolate one, get a little bit of the frosting on his face, and then go to wipe it off and then it’s everywhere,” Noah quipped.

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