Chrissy Teigen Declares Her Love Of Fruit To Cookie Monster In New ‘Sesame Street’ Video

Chrissy Teigen loves fruit — and she’s letting it be known in a cute new video for “Sesame Street”.

In the new video, Teigen appears alongside Cookie Monster and Gonger to play “Name That Fruit”, with the cookie-craving monster explaining the rules thusly: “Me show you fruit and whoever can name that fruit first, wins.”

When the first fruit was shown, Teigen buzzed in to identify it as a banana.

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Unfortunately, Cookie Monster informed her that answer was incorrect. “The name of the fruit is Brianna,” he informed her. “Brianna the Banana.”

Last year, Teigen spoke to the Associated Press about her “Sesame Street” role. “‘Sesame Street’ actually makes me emotional with how caring, and loving, and pure, and kind they’ve been throughout the years,” she said. “Nothing light’s up a kid’s face like seeing Elmo.”

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Teigen teased her “Sesame Street” appearance to her Twitter followers, admitting it’s “adorable.”

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