Green Day took to the ice to perform during Saturday night’s NHL All-Star Game in St. Louis, with the game aired on the CBC and Sportsnet in Canada, and on NBC in the U.S.

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, however, apparently forgot that he wasn’t supposed to curse on live television, leading to the performance being bleeped several times when he dropped three distinct F-bombs.

“Get your f**king hands up in the air!” Armstrong yelled while performing “Basket Case”. During the same song, he later exclaimed, “Let’s go f**king crazy!!!”

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He also delivered another F-bomb during the band’s performance of “American Idiot”, using the song’s original unedited lyrics.

The band’s barrage of live-TV profanity did not go unnoticed by Twitter users, who offered an array of hilarious responses.

Meanwhile, the band also took to Twitter to joke about the controversy.


Last year, Green Day entered into a two-year multi-platform deal with the NHL; no word yet on whether Saturday’s performance will affect that deal.

According to Rolling Stone, the NHL has yet to comment.