Peppa Pig, song thief?

That is apparently the case after the beloved British cartoon character was hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit from the composers of “Naked”, a 1996 hit single for U.K. pop singer Louise Redknapp.

According to The Mirror, the songwriters’ suit claims that one of the songs on Peppa Pig’s My First Album is a lift of “Naked”, which was written by Trevor Steel, Denis Ingoldsby and John Holliday.

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Canadian studio Entertainment One, which produced “Peppa Pig”, agreed to a settlement in exchange for the suit being dropped.

As The Mirror reports, sources claim that the composers are now “entitled to all backdated and future royalties, which could earn them up to £1 million” (or $1.7 million).

So how closely does “Peppa Party Time” resemble “Naked”? Give them both a listen and compare and contrast: