Kiesza is back with a new song.

The Canadian pop artist released her new single “When Boys Cry” on Friday. The track’s soft-spoken lyrics and upbeat production contrast against the theme of toxic masculinity and emotional expression.

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“I grew up around a lot of men and was always aware of the struggles they faced when it came to opening up about their true feelings,” Kiesza told LADYGUNN about her new song. “I always feel like being vulnerable is about having an open heart. And that’s not as easy as it sounds, because it takes a lot of courage to be open.”

The video for the song watches Kiesza twirl through the bright-lit L.A. streets in a glittery gold pantsuit while carrying a lit-up parasol.

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“Throughout history, men have had less permission to be vulnerable about their feelings. I want to empower men to tap into the ‘feminine’ energy they have within and allow themselves to be emotional without judgment. I wrote the melody and lyrics of ‘When Boys Cry’ with the intention of encouraging men to feel confident sharing this side of themselves with the world, and encourage people to celebrate it when they do,” said Kiesza.

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“When Boys Cry” is the 31-year-old singer’s third single after her two-year hiatus from the music industry. Kiesza experienced a life-altering car accident that made her step back from the spotlight. She came back as an independent artist, through her own label, Zebra Spirit Tribe, when she released “Sweet Love” in June 2019.

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