Dr. Jennifer Gunter Cautions Viewers Of Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Goop Lab’: ‘They…Distribute Some Dangerous Advice’

Not everyone is a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow’s new Netflix series, “The Goop Lab”.

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Dr. Jennifer Gunter – the Canadian-born, San Francisco-based OB/GYN and bestselling author behind The Vagina Bible – is cautioning viewers of the show, warning that the information they’re being presented with may not be rooted in scientific fact.

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In a statement provided to ET Canada, ‘Twitter’s resident gynecologist’ did not mince words when describing the problematic platform. “Goop has some fine advice, for example, an article on sleep,” Dr. Gunter begins. “They also distribute some dangerous advice, for example drinking goats milk to treat parasites (the parasites are non-existent). When good information is next to harmful and presented in the same way, how can people distinguish?

“In addition, they sell useless and potentially harmful products, such as supplements,” she continues. “Finally, they have used their international platform to advance harmful ideas, many of which are medical conspiracy theories. For example, bras cause breast cancer (they don’t), fears about vaccine safety, and concerns about fluoride. They even gave a platform to an AIDS denialist who believes depression can be treated with daily coffee enemas.”

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So, how has the brand become such a force in the health and wellness space? “People love celebrities,” Dr. Gunter admits. “Also, clearly their team is excellent at search engine optimization. And instead of relying on advertising, they make ridiculous claims that make it into the news around the world.”

Six episodes are currently available to stream, including “The Energy Experience” featuring Julianne Hough.

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