Jimmy Fallon is giving it his all.

The “Tonight Show” host stars in a hilarious new ad for Michelob Ultra beer alongside 16-time WWE world champion John Cena.

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The ad sees Fallon joining Cena for an intense workout, from squats in the gym to a round of gold, some beach volleyball, and even some football for good measure.

“It’s a lot of laughing,” Fallon told People about his relationship with Cena. “There’s good chemistry between us so it’s always a ton of fun.”

Cena added, “I think the one thing we appreciate about each other is, we both have a great passion for our work, and we both have a great perspective. He has an energy about him that if you have a bad day around this guy, something’s wrong. Something’s just wrong.”

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Also making appearances in the ad are former Olympian Usain Bolt, golfer Brooks Koepka, volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings and the Roots.

“Fitness should be fun, it should be something you love,” Cena said. “It betters the quality of your life and extends your life and you can do it and still be a normal person. You don’t have to be this dedicated robot that eats, sleeps, and breathes life in the gym.”