Matt Bomer On The Idea Of Playing Tom Brady In A Biopic: ‘I Wish I Looked Like Tom Brady’

Matt Bomer doesn’t see himself starring in a Tom Brady biopic any time soon.

The actor appeared on Monday’s “The Tonight Show”, where host Jimmy Fallon explained, “When the Patriots won [the Super Bowl] last year, there was talk. They said, ‘We should make a movie about this season,’ and all of a sudden they said, ‘Matt Bomer should play Tom Brady.'”

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Fallon continued, “I could see you doing that. Would you ever do it?” The actor remained humble in his response, saying he thinks his age would be an issue once the world was ready for a Brady biopic.

Bomer joked in response, “First of all, I wish I looked like Tom Brady.”

He then added, “But secondly, I think there are more chapters in the biopic of Tom Brady,” Bomer continued. “I think by the time they’re ready to make a Tom Brady biopic, I’ll be way too long in the tooth for that.”

Asked if he would ever consider taking the role should the opportunity arise, Bomer agreed he would likely “give it a shot.”

Fallon responded, “Let’s do it. Let’s get it started here.”

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Also during the interview, Bomer addressed the tragic passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

“When I think about Kobe, we have three sons. And whenever we’re playing basketball and they’re taking a shot that’s particularly challenging or defies the odds, they always go, ‘Kobe!’ I think it’s such a testament to who he was and what he gave that game that kids all around the world, when they want to channel greatness, they say his name,” he said. “One of our kids, last night, asked me, he said, ‘Can I still say Kobe when I do something great?’ And I said, ‘Now more than ever, buddy.'”

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