‘Schitt’s Creek’ Creators Debut An Actual Trailer For Moira Rose’s ‘The Crows Have Eyes 3’

“Schitt’s Creek” fans are finally getting to see Moira Rose in action.

The beloved sitcom’s writers have mentioned Rose (played by Catherine O’Hara) and her failed “The Crows Have Eyes” trilogy, but the creators are finally giving a taste of the work Rose put into the films and fans are obsessed.

Throughout the show’s six seasons, O’Hara as Rose has discussed the horror films which are fictional movies-within-a-show and in this week’s episode, the Rose family, made up of David (Dan Levy), Alexis (Annie Murphy) and Johnny (Eugene Levy), get to see what the matriarch has been up too – which ultimately results in a meltdown.

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In the hilarious fake trailer, Rose portrays ornithologist Dr. Clara Mandrake running from mutant crows that kickstarted a crow-pocalypse.

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“If Moira Rose AND Catherine O’Hara don’t win ALL THE AWARDS, there’s going to be a riot,” one fan wrote of the new teaser, while another added, “It’s honestly disgusting that the Academy completely shut out ‘The Crows Have Eyes’ from this year’s ceremony… the other girls can’t touch what Moira Rose does in that movie.”

“Schitt’s Creek” is currently airing its sixth and final season.



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