Selena Gomez Invades Toronto!

Sitting down with Roz Weston today in Toronto, a stunning Selena Gomez was in town to promote her new album “Stars Dance”;. So far she’s been teasing fans with a release day, but what we can tell you is it will be out this summer – just in time for her birthday in July!

So any big celebration plans? “Well I am going to have a party,”; she reveals. “In America it’s a very big deal, so we are going to have a big party. My family from Texas, my friends, my cousins are flying in. I will have some of my best friends in LA come celebrate.”;

Currently Selena’s hit single, “Come and Get It”;, is sitting at #6 on the Billboard charts and from the looks of it will keep rising.

Of course with her ever increasing popularity and her neverending on-again, off-again Bieber boyfriend rumours – Selena is front and centre on every tabloid… but she knows it comes with the territory.

“I get it’s more of a public figure and I understand that, I am not going to say that I am not [famous], but it’s also just such an awkward thing,”; she says.

Watch Roz’s interview with Selena tonight on ET Canada!



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