Ellen Pompeo Blasts TMZ Over Coverage Of Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash: ‘You Are Disgusting’

Ellen Pompeo has never been one to keep her feelings hidden, but she came out guns blazing on Tuesday to call out TMZ for its coverage of the tragic helicopter crash on Sunday that took the life of former L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter.

In a lengthy Twitter rant, the “Grey’s Anatomy” star blasts the gossip site for its handling of reporting details of the crash before segueing into criticizing TMZ’s journalistic practices and the double standard she sees about the way the site reports on men and women.

As Pompeo points out, TMZ was the first outlet to report that Bryant had been killed — and took heat for reporting the news before authorities even had the chance to inform the late NBA legend’s family, sparking outrage in Los Angeles.

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“I wonder why police departments give @HarveyLevinTMZ all this sensitive info,” wrote Pompeo, adding, “I wonder why @HarveyLevinTMZ puts out photos of women who have been attacked or assaulted…. Who were victims ? Exploiting women who have been abused… why is this guy still in business at all?”

She continued by describing “exploiting the brutal sudden death of people’s loved ones” as “emotional abuse,” adding, “I call time’s up on this behaviour.”

Pompeo’s entire Twitter thread can be seen below:

While Levin hasn’t responded to Pompeo directly, he gave a radio interview in which he defended himself, alleging that he had been given permission to release the info by “Kobe’s people.”

Levin further claimed that he had been tipped off by local law enforcement about the crash, but held off for a full hour before releasing the information.

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