YouTuber NikkieTutorials Responds To Coming Out As Transgender After Being Threatened By Blackmailer

NikkieTutorials has returned to YouTube, posting her first video since coming out as transgender — which she revealed was due to a blackmailer threatening to expose her.

In a video titled “Responding To My Coming Out”, the beauty vlogger opens up about why she decided to come out, and the response she’s received since then — including her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the other media offers she’s received.

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In her video, NikkieTutorials reveals that she knows the identity of her blackmailer, and admits she contemplated revealing who he is and potentially wrecking his life in the process.

However, she decided against it. “Nobody should get away with blackmailing, but when I look at my situation… that person has been punished,” she said.

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“I don’t want to lower myself to his level,” she continued.  I’m creating my own level. I’m better than that… they now know that I know exactly who it is, and I think they’re gonna have a little bit of that fear.”

You can watch the video in its entirety above.

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