Diane Keaton Gets Candid About Mentally Ill Brother In New Memoir

Diane Keaton is opening up about a very personal part of her life.

In a new interview with People, the “Annie Hall” star talks about her new memoir Brother & Sister, about her relationship with her youngest brother, John Randolph Hall.

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Hall, now 71, has been diagnosed throughout his life with bipolar disorder, schizoid personality disorder, and more, but never anything definitive to explain his mental health struggles.

“Over the years people did a lot of measuring of Randy’s mental status, and it all came to naught,” Keaton says. “He was so hidden. I wanted to explore the mystery of him.”

The actress also reveals that Hall was the inspiration for her character’s brother Duane in “Annie Hall”.

Though she and her brother were close in childhood, they grew apart a bit as she pursued her an acting career in her teens.

“I think it’s hard for anyone who has a sibling who’s out there, throwing themselves into the world and getting recognition,” Keaton explains. “I wouldn’t be happy to have a sister like that. Nobody wants to be compared.”

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In the book, Keaton also shares a letter her brother wrote her during a particularly dark period after his wife left him.

“I became addicted to watching horror movies, hoping the films would have some gruesome murder of a woman….” he told her.

Hall began showing signs of dementia at 65 but he has continued making art through all of it.

“We’d get vanilla cones and just walk around discovering things,” Keaton says. “The walls he’d kept people away with were down. It was like he’d been set free—I got to know him in a whole new way.”

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