Jameela Jamil Reveals Hilarious Reason She Rejected An Invite To One Of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hotel Parties

Nothing gets in between Jameela Jamil and her love of food.

Jamil appeared on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show”, where she told Jimmy Fallon a hilarious story about the first Hollywood party she went to.

She started off, “I don’t go to any award ceremony or any party for longer than about 20 or 30 minutes, because of my first big Hollywood party. Maybe three years ago, I just shot ‘The Good Place’, but no one knew who I was. I got invited to this giant Oscars party full of absolute A-list stars. You had Charlize Theron, Gwyneth [Paltrow] was there, Edward Norton, it was insane.”

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Jamil went on to say how no celebs wanted to talk to her, telling Fallon: “[I’m] starting conversations with these A-listers who are looking at me like I’m just a very over-confident cleaner,” so she ended up lurking by the buffet table.

The “Good Place” star continued, “The food is incredible at these things, and no one eats the food! None of them eat the goddamn food. So, I had a bite of steak, it was incredible and I was like, ‘No one else is eating this, I should take some of this home with me,'” adding that she piled 10 of the steaks onto a plate, telling Gwyneth Paltrow she was on the Atkins diet in the process.

However, the steaks ended up being rarer than she expected and bled through the napkins she piled them in to.

“I look like I’m holding something dead. I panic, I stick it in between by thighs, where we know I love to keep food,” Jamil told Fallon. “Blood starts running down my leg, and I’m like, ‘I have to get the hell out of here.'”

Things only got worse from there, with her knocking Al Pacino down on her way to the door, before bumping into her English pal Matt Bellamy.

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Jamil finished up, “He stops me and is like, ‘Hey, I just got here. I’m about to go to this party Leonardo DiCaprio is having in a hotel room. Do you want to come?'”

“I was like—I did, I wanted to go, but I was like—’I’ve just been through so much to get these steaks.’ I had tears in my eyes, so I was like, ‘I just have to go home.’ And so, I took these bleeding steaks home and I ate them by myself.”

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