While Jennifer Lopez and Shakira prepare for Sunday’s Super Bowl LIV halftime performance, Kobe Bryant weighs heavy on their hearts.

The pair joined together Thursday for a press conference ahead of their show on the world’s biggest stage and discussed the sudden loss of Bryant and the impact they hope to have on the world as two Latina females taking the stage.

Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

And despite their excitement, both JLo and Shakira say they hope to make Bryant proud.

“I can’t imagine the pain his family must be going through right now,” Shakira told the room full of reporters in Miami. “Life is so fragile. We will all be remembering Kobe on Sunday and we will be celebrating life and celebrating diversity. I’m sure he will be very proud of the message we will be trying to convey on stage.”

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Lopez also touched on her own memories with Bryant and his wife Vanessa, “He did come to my last show in Vegas… the both of them, as a date night and we had a beautiful night that night.”

She added, “I think it’s affecting everyone so much because it makes us realize how fragile life is and how we have to appreciate every moment and how we have to love people when they are here… and not wait.”

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Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters

“And then I think about Vanessa, as a mom, and losing her best friend and partner and losing her child,” Lopez continued. “And how awful it must feel for her right now.”

Meanwhile, both Shakira and Lopez are looking forward to their halftime performance on Super Bowl Sunday.

“We’ve been preparing all year, just like these teams,” Lopez said. “The two of us could never imagine that we would play the Super Bowl one day. That dream coming true… I’m very very proud to be here. ”

Shakira added, “It’s nerve-wracking but it’s also exhilarating… And it’s in Miami! And it’ll be on my birthday!”

Kicking off Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers will play against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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