Paul Reubens wants to show the dark side of Pee-wee Herman.

Reubens has a version of the character, which he has been crafting since the ’90s. “The Pee-wee Herman Story” is a project he has pitched to big Hollywood presences like Judd Apatow, and now shares the story with The Hollywood Reporter.

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“I’ve referred to it as the ‘Valley of the Dolls’ Pee-wee movie. “It’s about fame.” The “Dolls” in “Valley of the Dolls” refers to pills.

In “The Pee-wee Herman Story”, the protagonist gets out of jail and embarks on a yodelling career. His success leads to Hollywood fame. The stresses of Hollywood shackle Herman to drug and alcohol addiction, and mental health issues.

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“I have a couple of people that are interested,” according to Reubens. “But this is Hollywood. A couple people interested and five bucks will get you five bucks.”

He originally pitched the film as a $30-million project but has since dropped the price tag down to $15 million after getting rejections.