Kelis is speaking out against allegedly malicious business practices conducted by The Neptunes.

Kelis is accusing the musical producer tandem of Pharrell and Chad Hugo of stealing profits from her first two albums, 1999’s Kaleidoscope and 2001’s Wanderland. After being signed by Virgin, Kelis reached out to The Neptunes to produce the two projects.

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“I thought it was a beautiful and pure, creative safe space, but it ended up not being that at all,” Kelis told The Guardian. She was allegedly “blatantly lied to and tricked” by “the Neptunes and their management and their lawyers and all that stuff.”

“I was told we were going to split the whole thing 33/33/33, which we didn’t do,” she continued. “Their argument is: ‘Well, you signed it.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I signed what I was told, and I was too young and too stupid to double-check it.’”

Kelis made it clear that she did sign the contracts, but argues that she was taken advantage of by malicious entities.

She also reflected on how Pharrell once nodded to her from onstage.

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“I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m not going to yell back, ‘You stole all my publishing!’’ So you end up nodding back and everyone thinks everything’s great,” Kelis shared.

Twitter definitely had a lot to say about Kelis’ accusations.