Ellie Goulding Issues Scathing Response To The 1975’s Matt Healy After He Says Nobody Listens To Her Albums

Ellie Goulding is throwing it right back at Matt Healy after receiving a diss from The 1975’s frontman.

In an interview with Beat, Healy discusses the increasing popularity of singles vs. albums in recent years, declaring that he and his band have always focused on albums.

“Ellie Goulding [for example],” he says. “People will listen to her music at the gym and they will listen to it on playlists. They’ll put the Pop playlist on and it will get out there. When it comes to her putting out a record, which is someone saying, ‘Will you invest in my lifestyle?’ or, ‘Do you want to invest in me, as an idea?’… I have a lot of ‘Yes, I want to invest in you as an idea’, and less, ‘I’ll pop this on when I’m doing whatever.'”

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He also throws a little shade at a certain Toronto rapper. “I’ve said this before, but the Drakes of the world, they’re professionals at keeping people’s attention for three minutes,” Healy adds.

“They can do that again and again. I’m not that good at that,” he continues. “A single will happen accidentally throughout the myriad of writing songs. The way that we express ourselves is like longform. I can do it and I do it occasionally, I’d love it if we can make it work where I get a big idea down in three minutes. We’ve always been an albums band.”

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Pop Crave tweeted a screenshot of Goulding’s response via Instagram Story, telling Healy, “I’ve had 3 multi platinum albums so I feel like people have been fairly invested but ok I’ll let you have it.”

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