If you want to attend the 2020 Oscars, get read to pay through the nose.

On Thursday night, Oscar nominee Antonio Banderas appeared on “The Late Late Show” and explained to host James Corden how seating works at the award show when you’re nominated.

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“You get four [seats] and that’s it, including me,” he said.

He then revealed that additional seats cost a pretty penny.

“And then you have to pay, actually,” Banderas said. “Of course, I am paying…I think it’s $750.”

Corden couldn’t believe the amount: “Shut the front door. $750 to watch a group of millionaires give each other gold statues?”

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Banderas explained that, in fact, $750 was actually a discounted price because he is nominated.

“That’s for people who actually are involved in this,” he said. “I think that the tickets for normal… I don’t know exactly the number, but for somebody that is not involved in this at all… I think it’s a little bit more than that.”

Corden laughed, “That’s a discount?! Shut up. Antonio, you’ve got that ‘Puss in Boots’ money. You got the ‘Shrek’ money, that’s all right.”