Claire Danes Recalls Being ‘Terrified’ To Kiss ‘My So Called Life’ Co-Star Jared Leto

Claire Danes is looking back at her time on “My So-Called Life”.

While the teen-drama only lasted one season, from 1994-1995, it still remains an important part of Danes’ acting history, as well as her co-star’s, Jared Leto.

The actress got reminiscent about her time on the show with Dax Shepard on the latest episode of his podcast, “Armchair Expert”, revealing she actually was “terrified” to kiss Leto.

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“Is it true that you had your first real-life kiss on that show?” Shepard asked.

“That’s not true. But it was true that it was more of an involved kiss than I had ever had,” Danes replied, revealing Leto had to coach her through the scene. “I was supposed to kiss Jordan Catalano’s [Leto] face, like not his lips, and I didn’t understand that at all.”

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But did Danes crush on Leto? Shepard was dying to know.

“No, he was way too old,” she explained. “I was way too terrified. It was very fraternal. And he was actually pretty protective of me.”

At the time, Danes was only 14 while Leto was 21.

“I think I made it clear too from the beginning that- you know, 14-years-old,” she added.

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