Margot Robbie Is A ‘Massive Nerd’ For ‘Harry Potter’

Margot Robbie is obsessed with “Harry Potter”.

Robbie dropped by “The Graham Norton Show” on Friday alongside “Queen & Slim”‘s Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie Turner-Smith – she was later joined by Jim Carrey. Robbie, who stars in “Birds of Prey”, spoke to Norton about how her new film is a much-needed refreshment for female nerds.

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Norton then pulled up an adorable photo of Robbie reading Harry Potter as a kid, eliciting this statement from Robbie: “When it comes to Harry Potter, I’m a massive massive nerd.”

“Do you know what’s particularly pathetic about this picture… a couple things really. Number one: It’s my birthday, that’s how I chose to spend my birthday,” Robbie explained. “Number two: I’m drinking tea. Number three: I’m wearing glasses even though I don’t even need glasses. I lied to the optometrist because I wanted to have glasses like Harry Potter.”

It turns out Robbie’s husband, Tom Ackerley, actually has a connection to the “Harry Potter” movie franchise.

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“Fun fact, my husband was in the Harry Potter movies,” she said. “He was an extra. When he was a little kid he was one of the Slytherin kid extras.”

“Birds of Prey” premiered Jan. 25 in Mexico City and hits North American theatres on Feb. 7.

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