Elizabeth Banks was honoured by Harvard’s Hasty Pudding as Woman of the Year on Friday.

The day took part over multiple events, including a parade where the “Hunger Games” star was flanked by two men – one dressed in a pink princess gown and pointy hat and another in Miss America attire.

REUTERS/Gretchen Ertl
REUTERS/Gretchen Ertl

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A 7news reporter asked Banks “if she always wanted a pudding pot from the Hasty Pudding Institute?”

“I didn’t know I did,” Banks replied. “But now I do!”

Banks was then gifted the pudding pot.

As per Harvard’s website, “The Woman of the Year Award is bestowed annually on performers who have made lasting and impressive contributions to the world of entertainment.”

Others to be given the honour include Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson, Anne Hathaway and Kerry Washington.

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“We’re very excited to honour Elizabeth Banks as our 70th Woman of the Year because of her wonderful acting career and impact in Hollywood as a female director, producer, and writer,” said co-producer Samantha Meade.


“Elizabeth is a role model to all of the young women in the theatricals, especially in a year with a female writer, female producers, and a majority female cast — we all cannot wait to celebrate and meet her!” added fellow co-producer Natalie Needle.